What kind of Server is BudexOT ?

BudexOT is an Custom Evolution OT PvP-Enforced 8.60, server created for a pleasant and smooth gameplay for our dedicated players, a fun OT which can bring you into old awesome memories, feel free to join us !


Free Premium Points

We offer you HUGE amount of ways to earn Premium Points FREE. Every Progess on Level you will receive Points, We also got a lot of Missions & Tasks which keeps players stay in our server and all of them are rewarded with either xp or Points. There are a tons of events which are interesting and every of them gives a rewards, Also you can kill bosses which drops nice loot... !


Mining System

Plan 1

Mining Weapon

Mining Weapon is only available once you complete all missions from Mission NPC in Temple.

Plan 2

Mining Stone

Stones are spawning around the city every 6 hours, there's total 4 of them.While Mining Stone there's chance to broke the stone, once it's broken, its gone.

Plan 3

Mining Reward

Once you mined enough stones,visit NPC Budex Crafter +1 Temple. Budex Weapons are the strongest weapons in-game and they are not obtainable through shop.

The BudexOT Team

Will always surprise you with the new things, these are just the beginnings of our adventure!

Great RPG & Huge Wars

Our server has a very good balance, which also makes it very good for that matter, we have custom spells as well which has great monotony in Tibia, We own a lot of Custom Spawns,Quests,Daily Quests,Team Hunt Bosses, and Much More... Every week there are War events where there are many fights and many prizes!

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What do We Guarantee

Plan 1

Enjoyable Game

a number of things that are advanced and that works perfectly will amaze you in our server.

Plan 2

Smooth Gameplay

our server is hosted on dedicated hosting that has very large ddos ​​protection and is extremely powerful that rarely anyone can break it.

Plan 3

a Lot of Fun & Adventures !

Call your friends Make Wars, have fun and make BudexOT most perfect Tibia Server 8.60.