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Welcome to our newest player: Soul
The best player is: Wizz level: 750 congratulations!
We have 2260 accounts in our database, 3052 players, and 35 guilds
There is currently 185 player(s) online
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14 March 2020 (04:50) From this opening of BudexOT every single euro donated to us will be refunded back in points on your account all the way through future editions.
Patch Notes March 31th
Budex - 31 March 2020 (14:47)
Dear Budexians,
Today We Apply Patch Notes March 31th, and one thing I would like to mention is that our server grows day by day both in the number of visitors on the website and in the server itself. 
Thank you for your great support, we have prepared a lot for you!

* Brand New Landing Page for our Website
* Added Budex Boots (60HP/Sec 120Mana/Sec) into Crafting NPC
* Added Budex Ring  (60HP/Sec 90mana/Sec) into Crafting NPC
* Added Guild Outfit Change (!go command)
* Added !rank command
* Added Game Tokens to NPC Lola
* Fixed Deluxe Castle Scroll (PZ)

Patch Notes March 29th
Budex - 29 March 2020 (11:37)
Dear Budexians,
Today is 2 weeks since the opening of our server and thank you for staying with us, for today we have prepared an update, happy hunting & have fun..!

* Increased PvP-Enforced XP Rate
* Death Loss XP Is Decreased
* Added Donate SD in Shop
* Added Gold Nuggets in Shop
* Added Deluxe Castle in Shop (Limited Count)
* Added New Spell for Knight Exana super mort
* Added Game Tokens in Shop (Custom Spawns Instead of CCs)
* Added Yalahari Legs in Quests
* Added NPC Tasks IV in 650+ Spawns Room
* Added Task Bosses NPC in Team Hunt Room
* Stone Skin Amulet is buffed
* Fixed Ice Kondra Monsters Health
* Fixed Knights Delay on Potion/UH

War Event & Upcoming Patch
Budex - 28 March 2020 (23:29)
Dear players,
thank you for participating in the war event, there were 6 teams of 5 players, tomorrow in morning on server save we announce a new update.

Dice Event & Upcoming Events
Budex - 27 March 2020 (22:38)
Dear Budexians,
Thank you for participating on our Dice Event, We had more then 10 winners tonight, for tomorrow we are preparing you a War Event 5v5 or 10v10, you can report me your team in-game or via discord so I make you an registration, Have fun Playing BudexOT..

New Payment Method
Budex - 26 March 2020 (14:16)
Dear Players,
Thank you for your tremendous support, Many of you are unable to make a donation with PayPal, Many of you have asked me to add a new payment method, and I have made a way to donate through tibia coins from today, Points and Prices are listed down below :

250 Tibia Coins = 1000 Premium Points
500 Tibia Coins = 2100 Premium Points
750 Tibia Coins = 3200 Premium Points
1000 Tibia Coins = 4600 Premium Points
1500 Tibia Coins = 7250 Premium Points
3000 Tibia Coins = 15000 Premium Points