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Welcome to our newest player: Sir Fllexzo
The best player is: Ninja level: 505 congratulations!
We have 578 accounts in our database, 782 players, and 20 guilds
There is currently 117 player(s) online
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12 May 2020 (22:00) You can download a BudexOT Android Client and start playing our server on your Android Phone !
Budex - 04 July 2020 (02:54)
Dear Budexians,
Since opening the server, we have corrected all the small details that were reported to us, but there were not many of them, and that is why we are satisfied.

Fixed Relog Bug (pretty soon after launch)
Changed Warlord Sword from Two Handed to One Handed.
Added a new Real Map City - AB'Dendriel for PvP (Will be Realesed tomorrow on server save).

Much more Updates & New things are coming up !
Kind Reegards,

BudexOT Official Launch
Budex - 22 June 2020 (01:35)
Dear Budexians,
We are happy to announce that BudexOT is launching on Thursday, July 2nd, 18:00 PM (CEST). BudexOT is an Custom Evolution OT PvP-E 8.60, server created for a pleasant and smooth gameplay for our dedicated players, a fun OT which can bring you into old awesome memories, feel free to join us !