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Welcome to our newest player: Analfabetaa
The best player is: Manga level: 630 congratulations!
We have 1164 accounts in our database, 1578 players, and 25 guilds
There is currently 104 player(s) online
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12 May 2020 (22:00) You can download a BudexOT Android Client and start playing our server on your Android Phone !
War Video
Budex - 24 May 2020 (19:28)
Dear Budexians,
Check out new video made by our players, guild team Stara Gwardia.

War Event
Budex - 23 May 2020 (23:57)
Dear Budexians,
Tomorrow, 5/24/2020 at 21:00 pm Sunday we will organize a war tournament, registrations will be 5 vs 5 and 10 vs 10, you can register your team during the day by writing with Budex. Rewards will be Premium Points to your team's account. Good luck everyone and see you!

Dice Event & Upcoming Events
Budex - 21 May 2020 (20:32)
Dear Budexians,
Thank you everyone for becoming a part of yesteradys dice event, there were more then usual winners and I'm verry proud of it, tomorrow 5/22/2020 21:00 pm, We Will be hosting Boss Event, Bosses will spawn South from Temple, they drop awesome loot and nice amount of XP.
Kind Reegards,

Upcoming Event
Budex - 19 May 2020 (23:37)
Dear Budexians,
I want to invite you all to the Dice Event which will take place 5/20/2020 at 20:00 pm. The rules are simple, everyone can participate,you have to pick a number of 1-6, if someone guesses the number they get 100 premium points as a prize. Good Luck, and See You Tomorrow !
Kind Reegards,

Budex - 19 May 2020 (11:01)
Dear Budexians,
With Today's Server Save we apply next patch :

* Mwalls/Tera Can not be used in Zombie Event Anymore.
Battlefield Event has changed from 100 kills to 50 kills.
Added Last Man Standing Event every night.
* Donate Amulet is now Forever Aol !
Removed Game Tokens from in-game. You can enter Custom Spawns with 100cc.
Server Save Game Players has changed from 30 Minutes to 2 Hours.
Reworked Spawns Temple Room.
* Reworked Quests Temple Room.
Reworked AP Javels Room.
Added signs in a town for newbie players.
Fixed Map Bugs.