Mining System

Mining System is a system which let you collect our diamonds.
Stones are spawning around the city every 6 hours.
Theres total 3 stones in the city, if theres no left stones you have to wait untill new one spawns.
There's no in-game message about spawning stones, you have to search for them every day !
While Mining Stone there's chance to broke the stone, once it's broken, its gone.
Once you sucess in Mining you will receive 5x Pieces of Royal Steel.
Once you collect enough Royal Steel, you can buy Budex Weapon from NPC +1 Temple
Budex Weapons are the strongest weapons in-game and they are not obtainable through shop. Only with collecting Royal Steel.

There is 2 diffrent ways to obtain a mining weapon.
You can either get it as reward from Missionc NPC on one of latests missions,
Or you can buy it in shop with affordable price.