by GM Budex - First Day
22 February 2019 (21:10)
The reason of today crash (rollback) was due an DDOS Attack.

As time goes I will continue to develop Belvedera74 in future for years..

Next things were changed this night :

* Fixed Backpack of Mana Fluid (Instead of Water, gives mana fluids now).
* Fixed !backpack talkaction for premium players.
* Fixed !weapon talkactions (should work for every vocation fine)
* You don't need anymore premium account to buy promotion
* All runes bought by NPC are x1, and conjured are x2
* Spells are now being used by magic level instead of level.
* You dont need anymore blank runes to conjure runes.
* Boosted spawns of necromancers and vampires in darashia drefia.
* Premium Accounts receive +10% experience, instead of +20%.
* You can buy only bps of runes from npc, not anymore each.
* Players receive 500gp on login instead of taking time to bring golds.
* Players can travel from rookgard to: Darashia, Thais, Venore, Carlin, Edron
* Hmm now can be used on long range, not 1sqm as it was before.
* Ring Of Healing is buffed, 3hp/2sec, 2mana/2sec
* Edited Tasks Page on Website, added instructions.
* Edited ServerInfo page on Website.

Will be continued.

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